Sunday, September 1, 2013

Goya, Goya, and Goya... :)

August was a busy month. Goya was another sponsor that I had the pleasure of choosing and cooking recipes for. I selected three Goya recipes.
The first recipe I chose to make was Cheesy Chicken and Yellow Rice.

It was so simple and yet so flavorful. All 3 of us loved it at my house. My 8 year old kept saying, "Mom, this is one of the best recipes ever!" :) I used more chicken than what it called for and extra cheese. Of course, my boyfriend and I added Sriracha, but it was great even as is.
The second recipe I made was Black Bean Salsa.

The longer this sits, the better the taste comes together. My boyfriend really enjoyed it with tortilla chips. I added in diced jalapenos instead of the slices and wish I would've added more. Really good though!
And my final recipe I made was Three Bean Salad.

I couldn't find the Goya Salad & Vegetable Seasoning, so I subbed a packet of Italian dressing mix instead. I also added a little extra Italian dressing once it sat for a while. It was a refreshing recipe. It would be fun to try mixing and matching other kinds of beans in as well. Some chopped onion would be a nice addition too.
I'm looking forward to making other recipes in the Goya collection. "If it's Goya, it has to be good."
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  1. Courtney, I made the 3 Bean Salad as well and couldn't find the Salad & Vegetable seasoning. I used the Goya Tomato & Cilantro seasoning packets instead. I like the idea of using the Italian dressing mix, I'll will have to try that!